Help us build portal over portals !

Our plan

What actually want we to create ?

We decided to create an Online International Real Estate Market Fair. Available for everyone thanks to unique, innovative app equipped with powerful tools, supported by web-portal and trustworthy knowledge base.

How will the portal look's like ?

In real estate you can observe continuous stages of knowledge consolidation: from local ads and small websites to big web portals that gather information from the whole country or state. We take the next step, which is a multinational platform, devoted to real estate sellers, buyers, property developers, investors, real estate agencies, architects, interior designers, banks, insurance companies and lawyers.

We plan to implement and provide the users with features:
  • Social: searching for appropriate people, communication platform similar to Facebook, comments and opinions, online services of companies and private users.
  • Translator: to find information regarding country other than yours, you don't need to know it's language - you'll have the results in the one you use.
  • Fair: sell, buy and offer your service worldwide, be informed about the market trends, rules and regulations.
  • Virtual trip: publish and watch pictures, maps, videos.

We are completely aware of the huge amount of work that is to done before [Karmar House] starts. But we accepted the challenge and we will do our best to provide everyone with the possibility to easily buy and sell properties internationally, with several clicks on your smartphone.

Join us and make this happen!

Why Kickstarter?

Every big project requires thorough strategy, hard work, as well as devoting time and attention.
We put much effort in each of these fields, and we won't hesitate to work even harder to create [Karmar House]. At the same time, we need to spend much money, to be sure that the final product meets the needs of different groups of people and serves well them all.
Our ambition is to create user-friendly app and web-portal, using which people from different countries, speaking different languages, could easily find what they need. We decided we won't become dependent on a bank or a single investor whose vision may be different than ours. We also don't want to put ads everywhere.
We are completely sure, that our platform will help many people find great offshore house or investment opportunity. The faster the project starts, the more people could save their time and money on searching real properties worldwide.
However, before the platform starts, we need to do enormous work and to cover the costs of know-how, web-development and programming, translating and legal service.
That's why we decided to collect funds on Kickstarter. Will you back the project and become the contributor of something big, that no one created before ?

You for us

Backing our project on Kickstarter is of course the most deserved form of your support. Funds are really necessary for the start. Nevertheless if you would like to engage in the project in other way, you can choose from several options.

We search for the people, who:

Have fresh ideas and could suggest good solutions to be implemented on Karmar House web portal. Despite many years of experience, we don't know everything. Maybe there are some functions you find missing on the platforms you use? We'll be grateful if you tell us about. We want to make Karmar House as user friendly as possible and to do so we're going to listen to other people's opinions.
Are able to translate text written in Polish, English or German to other languages. In order to make the app and web portal accessible for everyone in the world, we need to consult not only many experts, but also translators. Contact us if you would like to contribute this way.
Like to search for every and any mistake made in an app or website. However we will check everything dozens of times, "there's always something". Beta-testers are much welcome and we are likely to fix everything before the Karmar House is finally released.
Are real estate and related fields experts (i.e. lawyers, notaries, architects, interior designers and decorators, real estate agents and advisors, financial advisors). If your knowledge and experience could help other people, please support us with creating substantial articles or give your opinion on the content we create.

If you could spend some time and share your knowledge, support us with your skills - that would be great and we'll do our best to return your kindness.

We for you

Pledge $10 or more and you will receive 6-month free access to Premium+ profile (see the description below). We will also add you to the benefactors thank-you page.

Pledge $25 or more and get the free access to Premium+ profile for 12 months. Every backer of this level will also receive free advertising in platform for a month. Of course your name, initials or company name will be added to thank-you page.

Pledge $95 or more to receive numbered Karmar House Investor’s Certificate, as well as lifelong Premium+ profile, advertising for 3 months and thank-you page.

Pledge $175 or more to get all listed in $95 pledge, but with the free advertising for 6 months.

Pledge $299 or more to extend advertising to 12 months and get previous rewards (thank-you page, Investor’s Certificate, lifelong Premium+ profile).

The backer, who will contribute with the highest pledge will receive additionally 7-day trip to Poland, including visiting such wonderful places as Warsaw (capital city), Krakow (one of the nicest European Old Towns), Czestochowa (impressing sanctuary), Wieliczka (the oldest still working salt mine), Zakopane (popular mountain resort). The highlight moment will be the supper with Karmar House team – we will be pleased to meet our Best Contributor personally.

* Premium + profile is dedicated to investors, who would like not only to benefit from Premium profile, but also get beta access to the app and web portal while we design it. Premium+ user will be able to shape it with feedback, using an internal chat to communicate with our team and with other Premium+ users. Every investor can have the impact on our great tool development.


Real estate is much more than parcels and buildings. Someone has to design, build, decorate, sell and buy or rent them. So the people are the most important. And the information and experience they have.

It’s good to contact them, to make the best decision. That’s why we create an app with the communication function. While being on real estate fair, you can easily talk to contractors, build the relation, get and give the required information. Using Karmar House app you’ll be able to do the same – but without even going out home.

Users will have the access to secured chat and public forum. Use it to share your experience, connect to experts or possible clients, ask questions, and search for opinions about people, companies, places or investment opportunities.

Real estate is huge, extremely important topic to us all – so let’s connect, talk, share the opinions and bargain also with the inhabitants of other countries.

Karmar    translates

Our team knows some foreign languages and most likely you do so. But is this knowledge enough to easily communicate with Spanish architect or to rent a flat for big family in safe area in Germany? Or do it in Singapore, Hongkong or Paris? If yes, that’s great. If not – Karmar House is designed to help you.

First thing is that we are going to implement an advanced multi-language search engine which will allow you to type in your language and get results in it. Moreover, if you’re an advertiser you can prepare information with the pre-defined parameters, so that system will automatically translate the text into other languages.

    We know, that this function has some restrictions. That’s why we plan to create more useful options, such as:
  • Articles presenting the information about the real estate market specifics in different countries (Did you know that in Germany you should have a creditworthiness to rent a flat? Or that in Switzerland you would have problems in renting a flat inappropriate to your earnings?).
  • Currency and tax calculator.
  • Possibility to contact with the translators via our app and web portal.
  • Users from different countries will be able to communicate on secured chat or public forum to share and get the necessary information (e.g. Is this area in Paris safe? Is it hard to get parking place in Barcelona? Does the foreigner need to have a permission to buy a house in Florida?). The best advice comes from the local community.

The number of languages in the world is so big, that probably we won’t be able to implement them all. But we will constantly work on translating and programming to cover as many language versions as possible.

Common case

What at the beginning was only the dream now has been shaped into a clear and precise strategy. Our app will help people from all over the world, speaking many different languages, to publish and read information regarding real estate, as well as chat, search for business partners and much more.

With the support of Karmar House you will safe time and money on searching on foreign websites, or taking part in the expensive offshore fairs. You’ll be able to make contacts, connect with experts, companies or clients. Moreover, the longer you stay with us, the more languages, information and possibilities will be available for you in just a couple of seconds.

Developing the project will require continuous inflow of funds, to provide up-to-date information, add new functions.

    So how are we going to finance the Karmar House when it’s released?
  • Everyone will be able to get access to some of our content and functions. Unregistered users will be able to use a search engine, read articles and find offers with contact data for free. But without registration they won’t get access to Homebook or possibility to advertise. So, they will be able to find your offer, but not to become your competitive.
  • Setting up a profile will require registration and one-time payment. The user will get the lifelong access to app and web portal, including Homebook communicator. People with the profile will be able to advertise, publish their offers, chat with other registered users, comment and share opinions. Small charge should also discourage spammers and forum trolls.
  • There will be a possibility to buy advertisement and that should become the main income-source at the next stages. We will keep the site and app clean, avoiding annoying pop-up and noisy ads.

Real estate agencies and developers

Essential part of Karmar House are the solutions dedicated to real estate agencies and developers. Our platform will provide the possibility to reach foreign markets and this way increase the number of possible clients.

We are developing functions which will let users import and export huge amounts of data. Thanks to that more offers could be published effortlessly, what will increase sales of real estate offered by agencies as well as developers. One of the functions will give the possibility to connect imported offers with the constructing companies’ services.

Additionally we plan to implement dedicated solutions to meet the needs of individual companies. We would like to become a reliable business partner that supports and makes it easier to work globally.

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